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    Mini One Minimalist, R56, 2010
    N16 B16 A

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  1. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    So the car is running again it was the the thermostat that was broken. Ended up buying an adapter cable (9804315380) to be able to connect the new thermostat.
  2. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    Indeed good info for cooper owners
  3. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    HI So part of the battle continues, The part i got to replace the thermostat housing is an updated one with 2 cable plug points where the old one only has 1, the reason for updating the housing i guess is that now the sensor can be change out without changing the whole thing, clever. Now the problem is that i need the cable to split the old connector to 2 points. does anyone have a source for buying one of these in Finland?
  4. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    The main problem is that there are no fault codes. I have checked already. If there only was that, I would have taken it to the shop immediately, I haven´t been too keen on having a shop doing the error search since that, as you mention, is costly. I will take it to get the water thermostat housing, changed Monday.
  5. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    How many are there? When phrasing it like that, it sounds like a costly affair.
  6. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    It has been doing on all starts lately where the car has been standing for more then an hour, also if the heater cable have been on for some time If i have been driving the car and stop it and start within say 20 min then its not a problem, then it starts right up. If the fuel pump is defect is it so that no fuel at all will get through? Or does the engine suck it, by itself?
  7. LittleBit Mini

    Start and fan problem

    HI I hope its OK i ask in English, ( i do read Finnish) I have a problem with starting the car, it often takes 4 or 5 try's before it gets going. it is like it's not getting any fuel. Then when it starts, its lumpy at fist, but then settles and runs normal. What can cause this? Fuel pump? Relay? Also the fan runs often even after the car is turned off. Is this a sensor or...?